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Become a Crossover Ministry Partner and let us change the future through today's youth. You can partner with us in three ways. PRAYER, FINANCIAL SUPPORT, SHARING YOUR SKILL.

PRAYER: Pray for our youth and organization to impact the world with positive long-lasting change. 

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Supports who partner through generous donations are how we make a difference in the next generation. Consider being a monthly contributor and partner with us as we develop influential leaders of the future. 

SHARE YOUR SKILL: Share your skill by providing your services and sharing your experiences in your career field with our youth. We would never be able to accomplish our vision of raising influential leaders who glorify God in every area of society without an outstanding family of support.

Join us as we develop influential leaders of the future!

Path to



Monthly events that inroduce youth to our services, events, group, mentorship and influential leadership track.


Weekly small group mentorship. Biblical life skills. 12 week initial commitiment before graduating to influential leader.


Weekly small group mentorship. Biblical life skills. 12 week initial commitiment before graduating to influential leader.


Attend one of the EVENTS below and get connected to our Crossover Family. We can't wait to meet you.

Girls Volleyball (1)

Girls Volleyball Group

Girls Volleyball Group invites teenage girls who would like to make friends, learn about Gods design for their life, and build a relationship with mentors and coaches with the mission of train for sports and biblical life skills.

Tuesday Night - Teenage Girls 6:30-8:30 *(DURING SCHOOL YEAR ONLY)*
Thursday Night Groups (1)

Thursday Night Groups

TNG is a group mentorship night where we teach youth biblical leadership, financial literacy, and life skills to prepare them better to do well wherever God may send them. We also have games, sports, video games, and food, all for free. Come check out our Thursday Night Groups; we would love to meet you.

Thursday - 7:00 pm - 9:00pm

IFL (1)

Influential Leadership Training

Our mission to develop influential leaders. Our leadership program is packed with practical life-shaping skills, hands-on experience, and trips around the country. Once a student has attended 12 Thursday Night Groups, they will be invited to join the Influential Leaders program, which requires a weekly Tuesday Night zoom meeting, volunteer events, fundraising events, and the reward is weekend trips out of state and obtaining leadership skills that prepare you for life after school. Join today and start your journey to becoming an influential leader.

Workout & Open Gym

We used many sports to encourage exercise and a healthy youth community.
We provide:
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Boxing
  • Weightlifting
Sign up and join us this week free of charge.