Lifting up
tomorrow’s leaderss

The voice of hope and change in Southwest Florida.

Crossover is a FREE program for teens 6th-12th grade seeking a safe place to grow with strong peer community

Our Mission is to help the youth grow into influential leaders who glorify God in the marketplace.

we do this by teaching...


Biblical Leadership

We use the word of God to help drive leaders who inspire change by serving others through a biblical worldview.


Financial Literacy

We teach youth the fundamentals of money management and investing to better their future and live a life of financial freedom.


Life Skills

We teach hands on training that obtain skills for a life of success. From learning how to change a tire to knowing how to properly write a check, these skills are necessary to make life easier.

How to Support:

  1. Pray – We believe unfailingly in the power of prayer and ask that you include us as much as possible.
  2. Give – Your financial contributions fuel long-lasting change. They open doors and provide opportunities to unlock the true potential of our local youth.
  3. Be an Example – You have the opportunity to set an example by sharing your wisdom, experience, and proven success. Allow God to work through you by passing on your incredible career skills to the next generation. 
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