Ty Navion Brown


Crossover is a place where you can be yourself.

Ty Navion Brown

Age: 14
Favorite subject(s): Math

Crossover is a place where you can be yourself.

I’m Ty Navion Brown and I’m from Fort Myers, Florida. I like to spend my free time playing sports, particularly football and volleyball, but my true ambition in life is to become a rap artist. For me, leadership is about both listening and setting an example. This is something I think I could do through music.

Feeling safe and having room to breathe

Ty Navion has a vision of his community as a peaceful place where everyone feels safe and supported. However, at times, even though he and his peers are brimming with talent, people’s words and actions can hold you back. In fact, this is what Ty himself sees as the biggest challenge to achieving his own ambition of becoming a rap artist. 

It’s not surprising then that Ty feels his local community needs “someone to show they’re not afraid.” And Ty may just be that person. At just 14 years old, he already has a strong mindset. He believes that “no matter what you want to do, you can do it,” as long as you have the support and guidance of people you trust. 

This is where Crossover comes in. For Ty, Crossover is “a place where you can be yourself.” Immersed in this leadership environment and surrounded by other “outgoing achievers,” he’s able to develop key skills he’ll need in the future. In particular, he credits Crossover with helping him to find his voice and talking more. 

Crossover is an inspiring place for people like Ty. Thanks to strong, faith-based guidance and support from people like Mr Rudy, Ty is growing in confidence, ability, and in his relationship with God. Soon, he’ll be in a position to stand up and support his community—just as Crossover is supporting him. 

Samuel Ramos

Age: 16
Favorite subject(s): English and Choir

Crossover is a place where you can be yourself.

I’m Samuel and I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky but I moved to Florida a few years ago. My greatest ambition is to break into the music industry and I think that going to college to study music would help me achieve that. In my free time, I enjoy playing games and watching anime shows.

A people-oriented leader with a passion for music

With his sights firmly set on the future, Samuel understands the value of hard work, perseverance—and planning for multiple eventualities. He demonstrates this through his passion for music, which he hopes will lead to a career as a recording artist. But Samuel is not one to put all of his eggs in one basket. Like many leaders, he has a backup plan to become either a music teacher or a therapist. 

As an individual and in his work with Crossover, Samuel takes a people-oriented approach to leadership. Looking around his neighborhood, he sees areas for improvement and has a vision of his community as a place where people can feel safe and thrive. He believes that by talking to individuals and listening to why they feel unsafe, he can make an impact and take steps to protect them. It’s perhaps unsurprising then that he defines leadership as, “making good choices while also thinking of others.”

For Samuel, Crossover is somewhere he can feel safe himself, allowing him to unwind and grow in his faith. He describes it as, “a place you can come to to chill after a hard day but also where you can come if you really want to hear the Word.” Beyond enjoying the company at Crossover, Samuel firmly believes that the group is helping him to achieve his ambitions. In particular, he singles out the Influential Leaders Program, which teaches key social skills as well as how to step up as a leader when necessary. 

Samuel undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him. Even at 16 years old, his vision, faith, and compassion-based mindset will undoubtedly set him apart from those around him. Until then, through a mixture of Bible-based learning, community support, and Miss Jodi’s excellent cooking, he’s gaining the skills needed to create a lasting impact. 

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