Developing leaders is a process of discovery and growth that takes place during moments of connection.

Our Events.

Exciting, leadership-driven camps and fundraising events that will bring you
closer to God and to each other.

Summer Serve & Celebrate.

Pray for our youth and organization to impact the world with positive long-lasting change.

Crossover Impact.

Are you ready to step up and learn what it means to be an adult?

Crossover Camp is a dynamic leadership program where we unplug from technology and plug into God. Removed from our everyday lives, we will camp together, learn together, and have an incredible amount of fun together.

Alongside undergoing a process of Biblical leadership transformation, you will learn a handful of key life skills that every adult should know.

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Small Groups.

We run a number of weekly or monthly events to get you fired up for your
future and learn some cool things along the way.

Thursday Night Groups

Whatever life has in store for
you, it’s important to be prepared. Rooted in Biblical leadership, our Thursday Night Groups mix actionable life skills with games, sports, video games, and free food.

When: Every Thursday
Who: 7 p.m.–9 p.m.

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